Investment Worth Making

I had gone to the workplace today to work with a robotics group that I am a part of for quite some time now. While returning in the evening, I was thinking about the things that give a person a sense of fulfilment of doing something worthwhile. Considered various options of the type of work we do. After spending considerate amount of time thinking about different types of work, came to the conclusion that the work that a person loves to do is the one that gives him satisfaction the most. One feels to have done something important. Something which gives him the joy which cannot be compared to anything else. One feels to have contributed to the society from which he has been taking and taking continuously since birth. Then I tried to find out the thing which, when contributed, would make the contribution of the highest kind. Contributions made of money, property etc were not considered as they are pretty mundane. A thought struck suddenly that a contribution of something which can never be regained once spent must be the highest level of sacrifice made for some cause. The answer was pretty obvious. Time is one thing which, once spent, can never be regained. So, to me, if a person is investing his time in some cause to make this a better place to live, not for himself, but for others, is the highest level of sacrifice he is making. ‘Do what you love or love what you do’ they say, but it is not the case always with everyone. So one needs to spend some amount of time doing things that one loves to do. Things for which one feels passionate about and things which give him a greater sense of joy incomparable to anything else in the world!

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