Let’s Celebrate Life!

Two days back, I received a video on WhatsApp from one of the groups that I am part of. In that video, there was a little girl, aged around a year. This girl could not see anything since birth as she didn’t have eyes. She gets operated on and she gets vision. Now, this video is shot at the hospital where she is operated on. After the operation, her eyes are covered with cotton and the video starts when the doctor starts removing the cotton from her eyes. As the doctor is removing the cotton, she feels pain and starts crying. The doctor carefully removes the cotton and she doesn’t open her eyes for a while. Now the purpose of making the video is to record the reaction of the girl when she realizes that she can see. As soon as she opens her eyes, to her astonishment, she could see! She can now see the colors, the faces, the light and most of all, she could see her mom! Once she turns towards her mom, she jumps from her lap and gives her mother a tight hug and starts crying. On seeing that she can see, the mother also starts crying and t are of joy keep flowing for some time. Now, these reactions of both the mother and the child are very emotional and can’t be explained in words here, but, just imagine the joy the girl would have experienced when she saw light fixture the first time!

Now all of us who are gifted with eyesight, most of the time, take it for granted. We don’t appreciate enough the fact that we can see this world. Similar to the eyesight, there are so many things that we are gifted with since our birth. But since we have not felt the pain of not having them, we don’t value them so much or we are not grateful for having them.

When I joined my current organization, we had to go to Mysore, India for our training. There, we were trained on technical and behavioral aspects. In one of the sessions of behavioral training, the trainer told us to say thank you to God every night before going to sleep. Then she asked us the reason that we should thank God every night. One of the boys said, “We should thank God every night because we are alive!” At that time, the whole class burst into laughter. But, when I saw the video of this little girl, I realized that if you think about the answer carefully, it has a lot of meaning in it.

We usually keep thinking about the things that we want. We keep thinking “if I get this, then I will be happy. If this is thing occurs or this situation is created, then I will enjoy my life.” By doing this, we keep procrastinating the happiness. And with this, we also don’t value the things that we already have. The gifts that we already have received. We don’t thank God enough that we are still alive! We should be happy as we don’t know what is going to happen next moment and in spite of that, we have survived for so long. We get involved in our routine jobs and start complaining about the things that are not going as we wish them to. We keep complaining about our bosses, the company we work for, the friend who didn’t call and all the things which didn’t meet our expectations. But while doing so, we forget all the things that we have that many people in the world don’t. We forget that we have a healthy body, a lovely family and caring friends. We forget that with all the people who don’t call, there are people who reach out to you every single time you need them. There are people who are happy to help you.

So let us all take some time out each day from our busy lives and think about such people. Think about the things that we are gifted with. And not just think, but be thankful for having all those things. We may have forgotten many of them, but let us spare some time and realise the importance of those things and be grateful for them. Let us not keep thinking about the things that we don’t have, but the things that we have. Let us Celebrate Life as it is!!

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